Post Settings

To edit post settings, there is a button on the top of the editor beside the “add media” button. This is similar to customizer but will apply with single post only. A ton of options are enable to styling single post. In some options which are unavailable to edit will have a light grey label, those options are related with other option.

You can choose whether to use global settings, or custom settings with the post you are editing by just change the mode on the top of the editor. Custom mode will change the tab of editor to blue color, this will override all the global settings and apply just only to the post you are editing. Don’t forget to click save every times you finish customizing. All the changes will lost if you don’t save the settings before close. There is no need to click update the post, if you make changes of only settings not contents.

Shortcode Generator

There are 2 main options to add media (image, video, gallery) into the content of the post.

  1. using WordPress add media button
  2. using shortcode generator.

We recommend user to use shortcode generator for more customizable media element. Theme provides 5 buttons to generate the elements which are generally used in single post.

  1. Gallery : 3 styles of gallery (grid, masonry, carousel) are available here.
  2. Image : you can choose the ratio of image, add the link and able to set image position as you want.
  3. Video : you can choose whether to use self-hosted video (suggest .mp4 file) by click upload and select the video you want, or external-hosted video like Youtube or Vimeo by input URL of the video inside the “Video” text input field.
  4. Quote : are available with fully customizable colors.
  5. Button : are available with fully customizable options.